How do we do it? Mr. Tom’s Heart screens and matches generous donors of food and sundries with deserving charities in need, then we arrange and manage pickups and deliveries. Some recent activities include:
    • Many Publix stores are now directly donating excess food items to 501(c)3’s for families in need. MTH gave input to design a system so that each new store manager learns how to direct Publix resources into charitable giving.
    • Costco stores have committed to giving diapers, shampoo, soap and other life necessities to those who do not take for granted having these items. The local Ronald McDonald Houses are participants who anticipate this will save them thousands of dollars.
    • The young girls experiencing chemo at Scottish Rite rarely experience a prom. MTH helped give a prom that included beauty and image services to help prepare the girls for this fun encouraging event. These donations included lovely dresses, food, flowers and a fun evening.
    • Trader Joes and Kroger are just two of the generous donors providing free food to less fortunate families; flowers to patients in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses and much more.
    • Mr. Tom’s Heart brings joy and encouragement through food and donations. The greatest secret is the joy brought to the donors and volunteers.

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    Tom is the volunteer chief that gets the job done. Tom has contributed over 15,000 volunteer hours to the Benson Senior Center providing procurement of various materials for the programs so enjoyed by our seniors. Aside from the community activities, Tom is the original "Energizer Bunny" at our church. The Church of the Apostles. In reality if you need something at Apostles, the comment is usually, "ask Mr. Tom."

    Don and Bev Chapman January 13, 2017

    Some of our Generous Donors

    PublixCostcoTrader JoesKrogerPlaid

    Some of the Deserving Charities We Serve

    Ronald McDonald HouseChildrens HealthcareThe Zone AtlantaCalvary Childrens HomeLM AERO Club

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