About Us

Mr. Tom’s Heart has no employees, is all-volunteer, and has nominal expenses, so nearly 100% of money donations reach the deserving 501(c)(3) charities we serve.

Mr. Tom’s Heart is a registered 501(c)(3) Georgia nonprofit human services organization that has provided help to deserving charities for over seventeen years. These charities include sick children and adults, lonely seniors, and homeless children and moms. While reading stories, lending a listening ear, or offering a kind voice, the volunteers of Mr. Tom’s Heart bring food and sundries to Ronald McDonald Houses, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, childrens’ homes, adult day care and senior centers, homeless shelters, schools, and community centers, to name a few.

Tom Umstead, his family, and his volunteers (over 100 now) do this without compensation, using their own money to support the programs when in-kind contributions are not sufficient. Communities have noticed our work. We have received substantial community support in the form of in-kind donations, last year totaling thousands in value. We have recently had articles about us published in the AJC, The Reporter newspapers, the latest Ronald McDonald House Charities annual report, Atlanta Senior Life, and AARP Awards.

We are pleased that our current venues have asked us to continue our work, and we have requests to bring our work to new community sites. There is obvious potential to scale up Mr. Toms Heart programs. In 2016 we delivered the following nonprofits thousands of dollars worth of in-kind donations of groceries, diapers, soaps, arts & crafts supplies and other sundries:

  • Ronald McDonald houses
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • Calvary Childrens Home
  • Community Assistance Center
  • Dorothy Benson Senior Complex and five other senior centers
  • The Atlanta Union Mission
  • My Sister’s House
  • A Sandy Springs Mission
  • Seven Bridges Shelter
  • MUST Ministries

About our Founder Mr. Tom, in his own words:

“Over 17 years ago, I began to think about the possibility of helping to provide bakery products for the Ronald McDonald Houses at two local hospitals for children, Egleston and Scottish Rite. I went to Publix where I had seen day-old bread, rolls, doughnuts and muffins being thrown away daily. I asked the manager if I could take these items to a worthy organization instead. He agreed and I began to take these treats to patients, families, and staff who greatly needed refreshing. Not long after, Publix asked me if I could use even more. They began to give me so many items, I could share with even more needy people. And now I was not just receiving donations of food. They were giving me flowers as well, to encourage and lift the spirits of the people I met.

Then an exciting thing happened. I began receiving similar donations from Costco, Kroger, and Trader Joe’s. Within 8 months, I was receiving so much great merchandise that I was delivering to needy people 7 days a week. Even though I had had a great career, nothing had ever brought me the satisfaction and joy of seeing what these gifts meant to the people receiving them. This was fun! It’s a good thing I was now retired and could pursue my new passion full time.

At about the same time, my wife Lucrecia and I began to read to children taking treatment at these hospitals. Actually, my wife would while I would play games with the children. I don’t know who enjoyed it most, us or them. The days are long for these confined children and sometimes even longer for their parents and the staff. The entertaining hours we spend there even today are a wonderful break for everyone.

Once I learned how much joy and satisfaction I could have by giving my time, I was hooked. Soon I was having other adventures in philanthropy. I can honestly say I have met some of the most interesting and inspirational people in my life through these adventures.”

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